Nina Martinez´s Garden

Me, Caroline and Sisley, were in Nina Martinez garden two days ago, she makes so much nice sculptures for garden, Loved it!

Swedish Midsummer!

Me and my friends were celebrating the Swedish Midsummer at my place, everybody was dancing and singing around the big penis, we were drinking snaps and having a lot of fun...

Summer . Bubbles . french friends

During 5 days, my two best french friends Sisley and Caroline, has been here over the Swedish Midsummer,
We have had a lot of fun, but right now we are a little bit tired. No choice, tonight - or more specifically at 16:00 this afternoon the fiesta starts again... Its a hard life in Sweden, Sisley lost her voice, Caroline: She sounds usual...

New Painting

Im very much proud of that one of my paintings already been sold!
. .
Thank you guys!

Let´s put some more colors in everyday´s life

Im going going, back back, to Malmö malmö

My first weekend in Malmö has been hardcore! a lot of Party and un explosion of a girly overdose!
Pre-party at Sandy´s new place, then Centiliter Gram, then Koi, after been kickt out of koi cause of their early closing, it was time for Afterparty at Sofie and Sofias place until 7:00 in the morning, when me and L even was getting kickt out of their apartment.. Still in a party-mood we walkt the hole way home, and did not go to bed before 8:00 .. Thats what I call a Hell of a night!

Last Night in PARIS - Then Malmö

Here is some pics from my last night out in Paris..
. .
It´s summertime, and then its time for me to go back to Malmö, see my friends and family.

Welcome To My New Blog!

Universe. - Music . Art . Photography,
Here´s a little presentation about me:

Name: Emma Cholat
Age: 22 years, born on February 5, 1989
Lives in: Paris
Does: Musician - Sings, play guitar and piano. Been living in Paris for 2 years, 1 year together with my french boyfriend...
Comes from: Malmö, Sweden.. My blog´s in english so all of my friends around the world can understand it.

Any More Questions? - Just ask under one of my posts,

See you soooon fellers..

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